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Christian International Peace Service

CHIPS are an international organisation who aim to bring reconciliation and peace through living and praying with people in areas of tension. They currently have a project running near our Church in Angell Town, Brixton. We offer our Church building to the team for their weekly prayer meeting. 

A small excerpt from their website follows; 

The Brixton project is the most recent of the CHIPS projects. It began late last year when the charity was invited into Brixton by organisations already working there. The aim is to address issues of gang violence amongst youth and bring reconciliation between different tension groups. Gang violence has been a problem in Brixton, especially Angell Town estate, for many years and the issue still continues today.

There is now a small CHIPS team living communally in the area at the heart of the conflict - sharing their lives with one another and with the wider community. Josh Grear is the London Team Leader and Alex Cameron is a dedicated volunteer who lives on site. Every Wednesday there is an 'open meal' at the London Project flat, located on Loughborough Estate, where local residents are invited to eat with the team and share stories together.

If you would like to find out more about CHIPS please click here