BabyTalk: St. John's Parish Midwife Project

Through this project a voluntary professional parish midwife is available from the Church for listening, signposting and holistic spiritual and midwifery support. The project works with the church, the local school and with the community in Angell Town. The project was developed by a senior midwife at St Thomas’s hospital, with the aim of  building a sustainable project which supports young mothers and their children to flourish; physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. Our parish midwife has been trained by Parish Nursing Ministries UK, and works alongside other regional parish nurses (although she is the first ever PNM-UK parish midwife!).

This project benefits mothers and children, but long-term it aims to improve the well-being of the whole community through it's support for families. 

This project also offers the church and community members a great opportunity to explore and facilitate the spiritual aspects of health care. It enables us to carry out our church’s priority of building a baby and infant friendly church, with strong relationships with mothers and toddlers from the church, school and community. This project will reach out to people of faith and no faith, and to culturally diverse groups in Angell Town for the wellbeing of the whole community.

Some of the BabyTalk team serving at Church on a Sunday (left to right); Yvonne, Michelle, Angie, Rosemarie, Nori.

If you would like to find out more please click here to view BabyTalk's information leaflet.