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Pastoral Care

Our door is always open!

Do you need to speak to a minister at Church? You can contact the office on 02077330585 or office@stjohnsangelltown.church to speak to the Vicar or a member of the ministry team.

However, she/they are often out on church duties and when this is the case they will guide you to speak to our Pastoral Auxiliary, Hannah Abiri. Southwark Pastoral Auxiliaries (SPAs) are lay men and women authorised by the Diocese to help develop caring and pastoral work on behalf of the church, in a voluntary capacity.

SPAs are called to help put God's caring concern for all people into practice: 

  • through their own direct contact with people
  • by encouraging and enabling others to exercise a caring ministry
  • by raising awareness of pastoral care needs within their local church and neighbourhood

Whoever you speak to, members of the ministry team will spend time listening to you, offering prayers for you and with you, and also can pray for you in church.