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Our Vision: Church Growth

Our Vision: Church growth in depth, in faith, in numbers and in the community

We are committed to welcome all people to our church and we place a high value on the diversity and the uniqueness of the people and place we serve in Angell Town Brixton.  

We aim to fulfil this through the following activities:

  • Welcoming new members to our church and our faith through lively inclusive worship, enhanced lay leadership and active community connections
  • Equipping all church members in their Christian discipleship through biblical teaching, junior and youth church and prayer ministry
  • Developing the talents of church members to encourage greater levels of leadership and volunteering in church and community
  • Addressing the needs of infants, children, young people and family wellbeing through our work with our parish school and the BabyTalk project
  • Witness to the needs of elders locally, especially those living alone and suffering loneliness
  • Working for community enhancement and social cohesion through social justice and advocacy campaigns focused upon local needs, while ensuring our Christian distinctiveness
  • Improve our building’s capacity and our financial situation, and encourage greater community support
  • To be a point of stability in a dynamic cultural situation, and to present the gospel anew to our generation