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Former team members

Revd Canon Dr. Rosemarie Mallett    -    Revd Jessie Anand    -    Father Peter Milligan

Revd Canon Dr. Rosemarie Mallett is our Vicar.

Canon Rosemarie Mallett has been at our church since December 2007. She has lived in the UK most of her life, after moving here from Barbados as a child.  As an adult she lived for substantial periods in West and East Africa as well as back in Barbados.  In addition to a Bachelor of Arts in History and French from Sussex University and a doctorate in Sociology from Warwick University, Rosemarie has a diploma in Theology from Canterbury Christ Church University.

About me:

Born in Barbados, I have travelled many routes to arrive as an urban parish priest in London. I started out as a historian of the Caribbean, Africa & black Britain, then moved on, first to Africa and then home to the Caribbean, to work as a development sociologist. In 1991 it was all change as I moved to London to start my PhD, and work as a senior medical sociologist and ethno-cultural mental health research scientist. Through community activism and church engagement I somehow found the path from academia to ministry and motherhood, becoming a parish priest and mother of one daughter.

I am very engaged in church and community development locally and nationally, dealing with issues of justice and equity for women and minority ethnic people in church and outside.



Revd Jessie Anand serves as a part time Stipendiary Assistant Priest.


Revd Jessie Anand joined the Church at the end of 2015. She is involved in the day-to-day responsibilities of the church and assisting in the pastoral care of the sick and housebound.

Red Jessie Anand comes from South India, and holds bachelor’s degrees in Science, in Education, and in Divinity, and a master’s degree in Sociology. After moving to the UK in 1991, she has studied for a postgraduate diploma in publishing at Watford, Counselling Skills at Leicester, and gained a Master’s degree in Theology and Development from New College, Edinburgh University. She has worked in the UK as an Asylum Support Officer, Ecumenical Mission Development Worker and Regional Desk Officer for Asia. Before joining the Southwark diocese, Revd Jessie Anand worked as a Priest in the Leicester diocese.


Father Peter Milligan serves as an Assistant Priest.

Father Peter Milligan has been at St John’s since 2006.  He is a self-supporting minister and helps lead the liturgical ministry of the church.  That means he is mainly responsible for putting together the weekly services and the annual round of seasonal worship.  He is also responsible for the team that lead daily public prayer in the church Monday to Thursday. 

Father Peter is an East Londoner and studied Mathematics (BSc) and Statistics (MSc) at Sheffield University.   Until his retirement from secular employment in 2013 he worked as a Statistician supporting scientific research at King’s College London.