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Birthdays in June

Birthdays in June
Published by Robert Faulkner on Mon, 13 Jun 2022 00:00

We pray for:

Bola Sulola (1/6), Dupe Adeniran (5/6), Cynthia Kombe-Kajue (8/6), Joaquin Williamson (8/6), Orinayo Maya Omishola (10/6), Tameka Padmore (13/6), Margaret Opoku (16/6), Martha Ansah (16/6), Oyin Mustapha (18/6), Alicia Sumner (19/6), Kwabena Awuah Mensah (21/6), Pauline Chin (23/6), Idowu Adeniran (24/6), Lesley Okoe-Aryee (25/6), Alex Olusanya (28/6), Sarah Opadeji (28/6).

Wishing everyone God’s blessings on your special day!

If you have a special celebration, thanksgiving or a memorial and wish to mark it in church, let us know early to include it in our prayers and notices.