Returning to Church

Published by Robert Faulkner on Fri, 22 May 2020 15:46

It is still not  possible for congregations to gather in churches as they used to for some time to come. We will begin to open churches again for worship when the government permits and within its guidelines. The House of Bishops has identified a three-stage process: Stage 1, clergy may enter otherwise locked churches for prayer and worship behind locked doors; Stage 2, when government restrictions are eased, the House of Bishops will permit churches to be open for private prayer. This is unlikely to be before Saturday 4 July but planning for this second stage should begin now; Stage 3, we should also begin planning for carefully regulated public worship in the longer term when government guidance permits. With each Stage, as and when permitted, churches will proceed at different rates as and when they are confident to do and so as safely as possible. 

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